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What are these sections and articles doing here?



  • Stefan Eichinger

    Seems to be that I am the very first user in this Zendesk. Strange. Especially, I can't remember how I came here. I feel myself like Alice in the wonderland.

  • Alexander Perry

    Yea me too sad sad anon

  • Michael pearson

    Anybody know how to get a reply from Anonvpn, still waiting after submitting as request

  • Nick

    I reset my password and can sign into the portal but not the local client. I sent several tickets in and got no responses. I think the project may be abandoned.

  • Ian Walker

    Same here, it's been pretty patchy for a while but I can no longer sign in to the client.

  • Nick

    Yeah even the SSL cert on the primary site has expired. Project is likely dead. I moved on to PIA VPN (Private Internet Access). Less than $100 paid bi-annually, zero complaints, updated regularly, love it.

  • Michael pearson

    I did eventually get a reply from Anonvpn as they are on Facebook advertising another service with more servers so they say, i made them aware that all apart from the Candian server was down for me.

    Here is what they said to me all from the 17th & 18th March 2020.

    Me- Hi, I'm looking for some technical support please re: AnonVPN.

    Anon reply- Our US servers are currently under maintenance as of the moment, our team is working on them. Please use the Toronto server for the meantime. We will let you know once the US servers are back. If you are not able to connect to Toronto send us a copy of the VPN log which can be found from the AnonVPN app menu.

    Me- Ok, thanks for the update.  Same goes for London aswell as that kicks me out shortly after connection.

    Lastly, I've recently noticed the website so how can I access the servers from there?
    Anon reply- We will be checking the London server as well. Regarding the website, it is a different service that offers IPsec and a proxy for torrents.
    Me- So adding to that is there a way to access that or is it an additional fee?
    Anon reply- Your current subscription does not have access to the service. A separate subscription needs to be purchased for

    There you go, I think you can safely say that it's a dead service now.
    Hope that helps.



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